Company Playnica is a start-up based in Žilina, Slovakia and it was founded by the end of 2017. We deal with development of mobile games and we put out hearts into our work; we do what we do because we love it and we began playing games before we even learned how to speak properly. We want to make sure that people have the best gaming experiences.

Our team of experienced (and creative, that is the most important) animators, developers and others is working hard every day to make sure that our games are as original, good and funny as they can possibly be. We believe that a little bit of fun goes a long way.

The first game made by our company, Zoopool, will be available in October 2018 - it is a simple, amusing game and we believe that it will entertain both children and adults alike.

Our vision for the future is to become the most successful company which will develop amounts of games for players all around the world. Our motto is simple; by gamers for players.


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